Portret Pauliny Szalitówny (1886-1920), pianistki 1902-1903

Muzeum Narodowe w Warszawie, DI 103234DI 103234; nieznany (fotograf); nieznane; Portret Pauliny Szalitówny (1886-1920), pianistki (ujęcie całej postaci stojącej przy pianinie); 1902-1903; odbitka fotograficzna; papier fotograficzny, karton; 14,7 x 10,4 [15,2 x 10,7]


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  1. Peter Ebner

    Dear Ms. Mierzejewska,

    I am presently researching various Jewish pre-war Vienna families for a book publication. Among them are the Straus and the Singer family. Clara Singer (later the wife of Oscar Straus) once gave a concert with Paulina Szalitówna.

    While looking for information on the pianist I found conflicting data on place and date of birth and nothing concrete on her early death.

    Seeing that you published this beautiful photograph, I thought maybe you have the correct data and the corresponding sources or could direct me to someone who has.

    Gladly I could provide more details on the book project and send you the material collected so far on Paulina Szalitówna.

    Thanking you in advance for the trouble you are taking
    Peter Ebner

    St. Aegyd, Austria

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