Ivano Coratti i Kurt Gutter, ZPAL 3.3.2017

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Zdj. Waldemar Kielichowski



  1. Michele Coratti

    Hi Agata ! I’m Michele Coratti, son of Ivano, the violin maker. I have not well understood your photos: why did you posted them ? Is the 1980’s violin on sale ? Thank you very much.

  2. Hello Michele! I am so glad you visited us! No, the instrument is not on sale. It is a part of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage’s Collection of Violins administered by the Union of Polish Artist Violin Makers in Warsaw. We currently digitised the whole collection. The instrument (photos and description, also the maker’s bio) will be included in our digital collection, here: http://www.skrzypce.instrumenty.edu.pl/en/. I posted the label to show that we already photograped the violin in ZPAL (Union of Polish Artist Violin Makers) on the 3rd of march – we worked there once a week. But you are right, and very right, I should be more clear about that! Best regards, Agata

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